Your product deserves the best protective packaging

Your product deserves the best protective packaging

Wherever in the world you send your products, we want them to be well protected during transport. After all, you invest a great deal in their production: knowledge, time, money and much more. So do you really want to rely on packaging that cannot guarantee your product will arrive safely at its destination? Storopack’s void fill solutions meet the many varied requirements of the interior cushioning market, a rapidly developing field given the growth of the third party warehousing and fulfilment industry.

Al Thika now offer the Storopack range throughout the GCC, including customised integration of complete packaging lines for flowable cushioning materials (loose fill), air cushions (AIRplus®), and paper padding (PAPERplus®).

AIRplus air pillow machines ensure fast, reliable inflatable packaging, creating a variety of air bag packaging for void fill, block & brace, and wrapping. Paper packaging machines provide exceptionally flexible and stronger paper void fill for heavier shipments.


Visit our website for further details:

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