The gentle way to move materials

Cablevey tube conveyor

The gentle way to move materials

Al Thika Packaging is pleased to announce that we have agreed with specialist conveyor systems manufacturer Cablevey to specify, install and maintain their products throughout the Middle East. Cabelvey’s unique sealed tube conveyors utilise cable and disc technology to gently move a wide range of products, particularly those which require delicate handling, at up to 1,240 cubic feet of product per hour. Typical applications include the conveying of coffee, tea, cereals, plastic raw materials, soap, and wood pulp, though liquids such as waste water and petrochemicals may also be transported.

Since no industrial air supplies are required, operating cost savings over air driven conveyors are enormous; in many cases the R.O.I. can be measured in months, not years. Numerous layouts including inclined lifts, transport above ground between buildings, and multiple, sequenced inlet and discharge points, make Cablevey the ideal solution for complex conveyor designs. Cleaning is facilitated using air knives, brushes, sanitising cleansers, or foam agents and other liquid rinses including high temperature water.

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