C-SERIES CHECKWEIGHERS – Scalable and flexible

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Mettler Toledo Garvens Checkweigher C series

The New C-Series from Mettler Toledo Garvens with its product lines – StandardLine, PlusLine and AdvancedLine represents the very latest technology in weighing. This unique modular approach provides an extremely flexible platform on which to build a solution for any production line weighing challenge in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The systems can be quickly and easily adapted when introducing new products and the user can easily ensure consistent compliance with all the relevant norms and standards. In addition the C-Series can be combined with other product inspection technologies, such as metal detection, x-ray and vision inspection to create complete multi-inspection solutions within a minimal footprint.

The new C Series comprises three main product lines:

C31 StandardLine
The entry-level solution. It covers a weighing range up to 6 kilograms and is aimed primarily at manufacturers who are looking for a solution for the most common standard weighing applications. The C31 StandardLine achieves throughput rates of up to 200 units per minute and, if required, can be combined with a metal detector. In order to ensure simple and efficient integration into existing production lines. Water-protected conveyor belts and guide rails ensure fault-free product flow and minimal downtime.

C33 PlusLine 
Versatile and reliable for a wide range of packaging types and sizes. The C33 PlusLine checkweighers cover a weighing range from 7 grams to 7.5 kilograms and achieve throughput rates of up to 300 units per minute. The C33 PlusLine models are available with a variety of optional features, such as encapsulated and highly-resistant conveyor belts for the weighing of sharp granules. They are also available as a combined system with integrated metal detecting technology. The customer has a choice of three metal detectors in order to combine weight checking and foreign object detection in one compact device.

C35 AdvancedLine
Precise and flexible. The C35 AdvancedLine checkweighers cover a weighing range from 3 grams to 10 kilograms and combines excellent throughput rates of up to 600 units per minute with the highest degree of weighing accuracy.  They support a wide range of ejection, transport and conveyor belt options for a smooth and secure product flow and can be expanded at any time with components specific to the environment and application. The C35 AdvancedLine checkweighers can be integrated with all other Mettler-Toledo product inspection technologies (metal detection, visual inspection and x-ray inspection) in compact and space-saving combination systems.

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