The best bakery operations are focused on day-to-day business—from managing production needs, reducing waste, and ensuring the highest food quality to keeping product displays full and appealing. Mettler Toledo’s product inspection solutions help your bakery operations run smoothly, providing the flexibility you need from the bakery ovens to the time your customers make their purchase.

The introduction of tighter safety regulations means that consumer food products have never been safer. However, product recalls still make headline news when they occur. An incorrectly labelled product is one of the main reasons for product recalls, but inspection solutions can eliminate that risk.

Controlled processing and consistent quality are primary concerns. Mettler Toledo’s solutions for the bakery and biscuits Industry focus on analysis for quality control, and process monitoring of key parameters, as well as supporting many weighing and measuring applications in the material flow, from receiving through production to shipping.

Overcoming Labeling Challenges Vision Inspection Reduces Recalls


Advantages include better accuracy, a reduced need for inspection staff and the assurance that every product on the line is inspected. Mettler Toledo CI-Vision’s V6300 performs label inspection on flat, oriented packs while the Mosaic system is able to inspect labels on round, un-oriented products. Images are processed by the system software, which locates key label data and verifies it against predefined parameters. For example, bar codes, key ingredient information or particular graphic elements can be checked. That’s the reason manufacturers are now turning to vision-inspection technology to improve quality control processes.

Challenging Detection Applications Up to 50% Improvement in Sensitivity


Profile Advantage metal detectors from Mettler Toledo feature multi-simultaneous frequency technology, which provides up to 50 percent greater detection sensitivity than standard systems. The system can find more metal than traditional systems in wet, warm or chilled food by virtually eliminating the active product signal. This leads to a significant fall in false rejects, minimised waste and improved process efficiency.

Multiple products, one setting

Profile Advantage also avoids the need to have a separate setting for each product.

  PDF,Al Thika Packaging

X-ray Inspection Technology More than Contaminant Detection


Safeline X-ray technology is primarily used for contaminant detection, identifying contaminants including glass, metal, dense plastics and stones. However, the technology can also perform other quality control tasks simultaneously such as weight assessment, checking closures and fill level, identifying damaged packaging and even the presence of product captured in packaging seals. All of this can be achieved from a single, highly reliable inspection unit with fully integrated facilities for the efficient rejection of out-of-specification products. Advanced x-ray systems are also easy to set-up and operate through an intuitive user interface which requires minimal operator expertise and training.

Metller Toledo. Product inspection
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