Double-Deep storage instantly gives you more pallet locations compared to conventional pallet racking. Many lift truck manufacturers have the know-how and technology to help customer optimising their warehouse space like double-deep pallet racking with the help of KOOI®ReachForks. Space equals money. So how do you get the most out of your warehousing space? There are numerous methods of storing palletised products in a warehouse – from simple floor block-stacking to highly sophisticated automatic crane stores. All have their virtues, depending on your operational requirements – whether it is simply to store as many pallets as possible or to allow a very high degree of selectivity and instant retrieval of any given pallet. For many types of warehouse, however, double-deep stacking combines highly efficient space utilisation with excellent availability, using flexible, cost-effective handling equipment.


Advantages of Double Deep Pallet Racking:

  • The ability to stack two pallets deep – often with guide-rails to upper beam levels for added safety
  • Increased storage capacity by as much as 10-15% when compared with Selective Racking
  • 50% immediate accessibility with reasonable stock rotation
  • Safe and secure handling with the bottom pallet usually off ground
  • Ability to use double deep handling equipment for other tasks

As less aisle space is needed, you can really maximise storage space using this system. You will need a forklift truck with telescopic forks to access the pallets but this investment pays for itself very quickly.

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