Six good reasons to use PAPERplus® paper padding.

1️⃣ Paper is made from wood, which is a renewable raw material.
2️⃣ Paper cushions are versatile and reusable.
3️⃣ The cost of energy and resources required for returning and reproducing a damaged product is higher than that of using paper cushions in the first place.
4️⃣ The outstanding cushioning characteristics of the paper cushions offer highly effective product protection, ensuring your packages will arrive safe and sound.
5️⃣ PAPERplus® paper, which is 100% recyclable, can be used to manufacture raw materials for new paper cushions, without having to compromise on important material characteristics. Some of our paper cushions are also made from 100% recycled material.
6️⃣ Storopack’s paper cushions can be separated and disposed of simply in the paper collection bin.


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