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XP650 ASX-ML, Smipack XP650 ASX-ML

Innovative technology = time saving

The packaging solutions, that are nowadays available in the market, allow to pack of a wide range of different containers in countless types of packages, specially designed to facilitate their handling and distribution to the retail outlets. Therefore, the operational flexibility of a packaging machine is a key factor to allow the processing of several products in different pack formats through fast and easy format changeover operations. These needs are perfectly met by the new shrink wrapper from the XP650 ASX-ML range produced by Smipack.

Smipack XP650 ASX-ML, shrink wrapping solutions

More loading stations = more formats

The new XP650 ASX-ML model is an evolution of the XP650 ASX shrink wrapper, a packaging machine that is already well known and appreciated on the market and that represents the ideal solution for packing preformed trays and boxes in printed film. The technical innovations introduced by Smipack, in fact, turn this model into a multi-format easy-to-configure system, equipped with loading tables with 4 or more work stations and an infeed conveyor controlled by a servomotor. All this allows to easily compose the formats, thus significantly improving the operational flexibility of the plant.

For further information on the new XP650 ASX-ML shrink wrapper and on all other packaging solutions supplied by Smipack, we invite you to contact our sales department.

XP650 ASX-ML, shrink wrapper

The simple format changeover system does not only facilitate the machine configuration and preparation, but also enables to switch from one product to another without long machine downtime and to pack a wide range of products in different pack formats. In addition to this, there are some advantages resulting from the main features of the ASX model and from the new management of the infeed conveyor:

  1. Infeed conveyor controlled by a brushless servomotor (new)
  2. Separator conveyor controlled by inverter
  3. Film climb and film wrapping controlled by brushless servomotor
  4. Printed film centering device (optional)
  5. Output up to 25 packs/minute


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