Automatically makes and inserts PE bags from a reel of film into boxes, crates per trays. Minimize your bag cost and benefit from the most hygienic & convenient packaging.

From a roll of polyethylene film, the compact ZIM-31 automatically inserts bags into boxes, crates or trays.

The bag inserter runs with made-to-measure bags or pre-made bags from a 12kg reel and handles multiple box footprints.

Failsafe bag opening thanks to the:
– new strong gripper & spoon module
– patented smart film opening technology with a special vacuum & air insertion system

Standard equipped with a 15” HMI, multicolour warning light and infeed conveyor with separator.

The ZIM-31 standard runs up to 8 c/min (depending on case sizes) with a maximum output of 14c/min with the fast machine option.

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Poly bag inserter ZIM-31


Case lining convenience

  • Continuous production thanks to the automatic film roll exchange.
  • Super compact: only 1.7 x 1.3m floor space needed.
  • 15” HMI to facilitate operator convenience.
  • Guaranteed lowest consumable cost using bags from a reel.

Your intelligent bag inserter

  • Inserting bags perfectly up to 14 cases/minute.
  • Patented smart film opening technology.
  • Quick and ergonomic film roll loading.

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