How to preserve the freshness of vegetables until consumption?

How to preserve the freshness of vegetables until consumption? Extra #protectivePackaging is the answer!

Automatic #LSealers from the FP range by #Smipack are the ideal solution to achieve this goal. Thanks to the installation of motorised side belts as an optional device, this #flexible#packer are suitable also for #products with an irregular or particular shape. such as #fruits and #vegetables!



Safeline metal detector M30 series

The new standard in metal detection matched your budget and compliance needs

The M30 R-Series delivers smart, digital inspection at an attractive price. SENSE software underpins advanced-level features, including algorithms and excellent stability to enhance detection capability for all metal contaminants and reduce false rejects. The M30 R-Series range is designed for manufacturers who simply want a metal detector that works and is easy to use and maintain. The simplified feature set supports affordable compliance.

StandardLine metal detection systems offer versatile, reliable inspection for cost-sensitive applications. When you need greater detection sensitivity performance, the Mettler Toledo PlusLine range is ideal.

M30 R-Series tunnel metal detectors can be easily integrated with a wide range of conveyor systems to inspect, reject and remove the metal contaminated products from your line.

You benefit from next generation technology combined with the quality and reliability you expect from Mettler Toledo Safeline.

The M30 R-Series is suitable for inspecting bakery, meat, dairy, confectionery, ready meals, fresh, chilled and frozen food products and packaged consumer goods, including those in metallized film. It offers different levels of performance, aligned to your budget needs and can be easily combined with our range of conveyors for a fully integrated solution.

The M31R StandardLine solution offers versatile, reliable inspection for price-sensitive applications. M33RM34R and M33RB PlusLine models deliver greater detection sensitivity performance in dry, wet / conductive and bulk applications respectively, to detect smaller metal contaminants.

What’s special about our smart, digital metal detection systems?

Made For Modern Manufacturing

  • SENSE software thinks for you – every action of the integrated system is perfectly orchestrated to work in harmony for enhanced process control. It is easy to take advantage of new software, hardware features and security updates.
  • All M30 R-Series models have an intuitive touchscreen with local language customisation at the individual user level to improve efficiency and reduce operator error risks.
  • Augmented reality for service interventions and training delivery improves resource efficiency.

Affordable Compliance

  • Advanced detection capabilities are available in an entry-level package at an attractive price.
  • The rugged, industrial design supports long-term reliability.
  • Dynamic Stability Control delivers enhanced performance and reliability to minimize false rejects, reducing unnecessary product waste.
metal detector M30R series metal detector, Safeline M30 R brochure

Built to Last

  • All systems include application-proven, multi-way seal technology and a one piece liner for endurance in harsh washdown environments.
  • User-replaceable, modular spare parts simplify maintenance processes and reduce the total cost of ownership.
  • As your compliance and production need change, you can simply upgrade, rather than replace your metal detection system.



Six good reasons to use PAPERplus® paper padding.

1️⃣ Paper is made from wood, which is a renewable raw material.
2️⃣ Paper cushions are versatile and reusable.
3️⃣ The cost of energy and resources required for returning and reproducing a damaged product is higher than that of using paper cushions in the first place.
4️⃣ The outstanding cushioning characteristics of the paper cushions offer highly effective product protection, ensuring your packages will arrive safe and sound.
5️⃣ PAPERplus® paper, which is 100% recyclable, can be used to manufacture raw materials for new paper cushions, without having to compromise on important material characteristics. Some of our paper cushions are also made from 100% recycled material.
6️⃣ Storopack’s paper cushions can be separated and disposed of simply in the paper collection bin.



Designed for high-speed beverage can lines and other high throughput applications, the SmartLase F500 reliably produces crisp, permanent codes with lower operating expenses.

Material Type

Seal Wrappers | Seal Bags | Power Cables | Pouches | Plastic Films | Pipes | Metalised Labels | Metal Industrial Parts | Machined Metal Parts | Formed Metals Parts | Electrical Devices | Copper Wires | Copper Cables | Caps | Cans | Cables | Aluminium Foil Lids


Oil and Gas | Snack Food | Dairy | Personal Care | Cosmetics | Soft Drinks | Pharmaceuticals | Pet Food | Industrial Components | Food | Extrusion | Electronics | Electrical | Confectionery | Beverage | Automotive | Aerospace




High | Medium | Low

Smartlase F500, Markem Imaje f500, laser printer



Innovative in sorting equipment

Raytec Vision is a leading expert in optical sorting machine technology for dry fruits, dates, nuts, potatoes, fruit and vegetable and other food products. Raytec sorters remove product defects and foreign materials based on Infrared, Chlorophyll, Translucency, Colour, Shape. Raytec offers a wide range of sensor-based sorters and camera-based sorters.



100% Recycled Film for Protective Packaging

♻ The AIRplus® 100% Recycled air cushions from Storopack show that recycling is possible without loss of quality. These consist of 100% recycled material and offer the same outstanding properties as air cushions made from virgin raw material.

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100 percent recycled film for protective packaging


Fully Automatic Wrap Around Labelling

ES1510 labelling machine is the perfect labelling solution for bottles, cans, cups, buckets and glass jars.

The construction and system components are eminent for the labelling quality, especially for the wrap around labelling.

The ES 1510 is equipped with a separation station as a standard and thereby optimally prepared for the integration in a filling and sealing line.

Precise label placement is granted by the user-friendly adjusting device and the intuitive menu guidance: “Best results are our standard”.

round bottle labeller, labeler, bottle labeling machine, Espera, weigh price labeler


The poultry sector is seeing an increase in the demand for more sustainable packaging and safer products, which is currently the norm in all sectors; this is specifically what Tight-Chicken™ offers, ULMA Packaging’s latest innovative development, which ensures that chickens arrive at stores perfectly packaged.


An innovative leak-proof and fully-hygienic packaging solution

Date: 26th February
First session: 10 AM *
Second session: 4 PM *

* Central European Time (CET)


Tight-Chicken™ ensures that the bag fits the product like a second skin, completely eliminating the risk of leaks and ensuring that the product arrives at stores in compliance with the applicable hygiene regulations. Thanks to this innovative solution, developed using vertical wrapper machines, ULMA Packaging offers a system based on the Tight-Bag™ concept to its customers in the poultry sector; this system extracts air with no need for perforating the packagingreducing the amount of plastic usedcutting the cost of labour and achieving a safer and more appealing product.

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Benefits of net packaging machine

Why net packaging?

✅ Resistance: Net packaging uses less raw material than many other packaging solutions since 1gr of a net can handle 1kg of content.

✅ Breathability: The net reticular structure allows the breathability of the fruit keeping all its features much longer than other packaging technologies.

✅ Sustainable: Net packaging is made of polyolefin, which is 100% recyclable, with a very low carbon footprint as well as all the #Ecogiró products line, which is in constant innovation and development to remain committed to the environment.

✅ Product enhancement: The colour of our net allows highlighting the product’s appearance, making it much more attractive and thus more appetising for purchase.

Giro net packaging machine for fruit & vegetable

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Robopac presents the range of Rotating Arm in manual version Rotary and an automatic version with clamp, cut and spreader/welding unit. This technology is the ideal solution for wrapping the particularly unstable products with stretch film. The news for Robopac has done a fixing adjustable for horizontal rotating arm, allowing the user the wrapping of products with max dimensions 1400 mm x 1400 mm.