Continuous automatic side sealers with intermittent cycle

The “Full Electric” automatic packers with the continuous sealing system from the HS series, designed according to the most advanced concepts of Industry 4.0, are characterized by a great quality/price ratio and modularity. In fact, all the models of this range can be supplied with or without shrink tunnels.

The HS series with continuous sealing and intermittent or box motion cycle can handle Polyolefin and Polyethylene, Polypropylene centrefold or flat film with film folder PX, and is suited to meet outputs of up to 7200 packs/hour and 9000 packs/hour with customized solutions.

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How to preserve the freshness of vegetables until consumption?

How to preserve the freshness of vegetables until consumption? Extra #protectivePackaging is the answer!

Automatic #LSealers from the FP range by #Smipack are the ideal solution to achieve this goal. Thanks to the installation of motorised side belts as an optional device, this #flexible#packer are suitable also for #products with an irregular or particular shape. such as #fruits and #vegetables!



FP series of manual and semi-automatic L-sealing hood packers.

Modularity and excellent price/quality ratios are the main features characterising the manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic sealers of the Smipack FP series shrink wrapping machine. All the shrink wrap FP models can indeed be supplied with or without shrink tunnel.

The INOX version machines are ideal to satisfy the exigencies of the food industry (meat, frozen food, fish, cheese, chocolate, etc.),  and are characterised by a stainless steel frame (AISI 304) and the conveyor complying with the FDA, UE and USDA standards, concerning products in direct contact with food.

Compared to the traditional L-sealing hood packers, the FP series provides higher outputs as well as the possibility of using Polyethylene film, besides the traditional shrink films, and includes different models for outputs ranging up to 3000 packs/hour. Smipack offers a complete range of models to suit every demand in this market segment:

  1. L-seal hood packers
  2. Manual, semiautomatic and automatic L-sealers
  3. Automatic side sealers
  4. Shrink tunnel
  5. Semiautomatic and automatic shrinkwrappers with sealing bar
  6. Automatic overlap shrink wrappers
  7. Automatic handle applicators


Smipack Shrink wrap and sealing machine

Smipack shrink wrap and sealing machines are suitable for food and non-food industries. The packaging technology open to all.

SL Series: low-speed L-seal hood machines (up to 300 packs per hour), ideal for the packaging of small/average-sized products.

S Series: L-seal hood machines with outputs ranging up to 900 packs per hour, for the packaging of small/average-sized products.

FP Series: L-sealers, available in manual, semi-automatic and automatic version (up to 3,000 packs per hour) and automatic side sealers (up to 7200 packs per hour and 9000 packs per hour with customised solutions)

BP Series: shrink wrappers with sealing bar and overlap shrinkwrappers, for the packaging of bottles, cans, boxes, jars and many other products for countless market sectors.

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