Safeline metal detector M30 series

The new standard in metal detection matched your budget and compliance needs

The M30 R-Series delivers smart, digital inspection at an attractive price. SENSE software underpins advanced-level features, including algorithms and excellent stability to enhance detection capability for all metal contaminants and reduce false rejects. The M30 R-Series range is designed for manufacturers who simply want a metal detector that works and is easy to use and maintain. The simplified feature set supports affordable compliance.

StandardLine metal detection systems offer versatile, reliable inspection for cost-sensitive applications. When you need greater detection sensitivity performance, the Mettler Toledo PlusLine range is ideal.

M30 R-Series tunnel metal detectors can be easily integrated with a wide range of conveyor systems to inspect, reject and remove the metal contaminated products from your line.

You benefit from next generation technology combined with the quality and reliability you expect from Mettler Toledo Safeline.

The M30 R-Series is suitable for inspecting bakery, meat, dairy, confectionery, ready meals, fresh, chilled and frozen food products and packaged consumer goods, including those in metallized film. It offers different levels of performance, aligned to your budget needs and can be easily combined with our range of conveyors for a fully integrated solution.

The M31R StandardLine solution offers versatile, reliable inspection for price-sensitive applications. M33RM34R and M33RB PlusLine models deliver greater detection sensitivity performance in dry, wet / conductive and bulk applications respectively, to detect smaller metal contaminants.

What’s special about our smart, digital metal detection systems?

Made For Modern Manufacturing

  • SENSE software thinks for you – every action of the integrated system is perfectly orchestrated to work in harmony for enhanced process control. It is easy to take advantage of new software, hardware features and security updates.
  • All M30 R-Series models have an intuitive touchscreen with local language customisation at the individual user level to improve efficiency and reduce operator error risks.
  • Augmented reality for service interventions and training delivery improves resource efficiency.

Affordable Compliance

  • Advanced detection capabilities are available in an entry-level package at an attractive price.
  • The rugged, industrial design supports long-term reliability.
  • Dynamic Stability Control delivers enhanced performance and reliability to minimize false rejects, reducing unnecessary product waste.
metal detector M30R series metal detector, Safeline M30 R brochure

Built to Last

  • All systems include application-proven, multi-way seal technology and a one piece liner for endurance in harsh washdown environments.
  • User-replaceable, modular spare parts simplify maintenance processes and reduce the total cost of ownership.
  • As your compliance and production need change, you can simply upgrade, rather than replace your metal detection system.




Hygienic solutions checkweighing machine by Mettler Toledo

Precision and Versatility.

Built for harsh environments, the Mettler Toledo C35 checkweigher combines uncompromising precision at fast speeds with a stable and resilient system design which, including the HMI, is fully IP69 rated and proven resistant to most caustic detergents and high-pressure cleaning.

Highest Accuracy in Harsh Environments

Highest accuracy including MID certification helps to comply with local weighing regulations and reduce costly product waste.

Hygienic Design for Easy Cleaning

The system provides easy access for cleaning and sloped surfaces throughout to prevent liquid retention and discourage bacterial contamination.


Resilient in Harsh Environments

The entire system, including the HMI, is IP69 rated and proven resistant to most caustic detergents, disinfectants, and high pressure cleaning.

Specifications – C35 AdvancedLine WD Checkweigher

Accuracyfrom ±0.2 g (200 mg)
ApprovalWeights & Measures design approval for official verification (MID certifiable)
Customisation OptionsBespoke Handling; OEM
IndustryFood; Other
Maximum Product Weight7 kg
Production EnvironmentWet; Harsh
Throughput250 ppm
Transport Height550 mm – 1 100 mm (± 50 mm)
Weighing Range25 g – 7 000 g
Weighing Technology (Load Cell)EMFR; SG
Material Number(s)240035002
Checkweigher, Garvens checkweigher, Mettler Toledo checkweigher

C35 Advancedline brochure

PDF,Al Thika Packaging

Exceptional Weighing Precision

Checkweighing which optimised for fast line speeds even for lightweight products, highly adaptable to meet customer requirements with over 160 software and mechanical options. A throughput max of 250 packs per minute and a weighing range from 25g to 7kg.

Mettler Toledo – Al Thika Packaging LLC

Al Thika Packaging is the exclusive distributor of Mettler Toledo company in the Middle East. Since 1994  Al Thika has been supplying a wide range of machinery including Garvens dynamic Checkweighing systemsSafeline X-ray inspection, Safeline integrated metal detection systems and CI-Vision product inspection systems for food and non-food industries in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain – UAE, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman and the many other Gulf countries.


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