Recyclable and eco-friendly packaging for fresh produce

Al Thika Packaging is fully aware of the rise in plastic consumption over the past years as well as its environmental effects. It’s our responsibility to give you the best option for sustainable packaging for the fruit and vegetable industry.


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#ULMAweCare is an ambitious sustainability plan that aims to achieve a circular economy across the board. #ULMAweCare covers several research and development areas, pursuing innovation in sustainable designs and applications throughout our packaging machine range.


100% cellulose solutions by Giro

Giro reinvents thermal-welded packaging offering 100% cellulose solutions. As a market leader in net packing solutions, Giró is focused on the research of environmentally friendly materials and packing technologies to be applied to the fresh produce packing industry.

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Less waste, no plastic and no additional labels

ATS environmentally friendly banderoles made from paper or high-quality recyclable plastic are in many cases the better alternative for traditional packaging. They hold promo packaging together without the use of adhesives and, depending on the application, can also act as the complete packaging solution.

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by ULMA machine

Paper packaging for fruit and vegetable with a mesh made of a non-plastic material that allows it to be recycled in the paper circuit. The mesh allows visualising the content of the pack while allowing it to breathe.

Most ULMA machines can be adapted to use paper instead of plastic, achieving an optimal packaging appearance without compromising the main function of packaging, preserve food in good and safe conditions minimising food waste.

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paper packing by ULMA machine
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Six good reasons to use PAPERplus® paper padding.

1️⃣ Paper is made from wood, which is a renewable raw material.
2️⃣ Paper cushions are versatile and reusable.
3️⃣ The cost of energy and resources required for returning and reproducing a damaged product is higher than that of using paper cushions in the first place.
4️⃣ The outstanding cushioning characteristics of the paper cushions offer highly effective product protection, ensuring your packages will arrive safe and sound.
5️⃣ PAPERplus® paper, which is 100% recyclable, can be used to manufacture raw materials for new paper cushions, without having to compromise on important material characteristics. Some of our paper cushions are also made from 100% recycled material.
6️⃣ Storopack’s paper cushions can be separated and disposed of simply in the paper collection bin.


Coils of paper cushioning for products weighing up to 500 kilograms

Manufacturers and service providers who ship large, heavy and fragile products can now benefit from Storopack flexible PAPERplus® Coiler#system. The machine processes the paper pads that are performed by the PAPERplus® Classic, PAPERplus® Crossover, or PAPERplus® Track paper cushion#machines – and turns them into robust coils of #paper#cushioning.


100% Recycled Paper Packaging by Storopack Machine


PAPERplus® Recycling paper kraft recycling paper. Is made from 100% recycled material. Can be completely recycled protects products reliably thanks to the same packaging properties as conventional Kraft paper. Available for the paper cushion systems PAPERplus® Classic, PAPERplus® Papillon and PAPERplus® Chevron.

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Your product deserves the best protective packaging

Your product deserves the best protective packaging

Wherever in the world you send your products, we want them to be well protected during transport. After all, you invest a great deal in their production: knowledge, time, money and much more. So do you really want to rely on packaging that cannot guarantee your product will arrive safely at its destination? Storopack’s void fill solutions meet the many varied requirements of the interior cushioning market, a rapidly developing field given the growth of the third party warehousing and fulfilment industry.

Al Thika now offer the Storopack range throughout the GCC, including customised integration of complete packaging lines for flowable cushioning materials (loose fill), air cushions (AIRplus®), and paper padding (PAPERplus®).

AIRplus air pillow machines ensure fast, reliable inflatable packaging, creating a variety of air bag packaging for void fill, block & brace, and wrapping. Paper packaging machines provide exceptionally flexible and stronger paper void fill for heavier shipments.


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