Flow wrapping solutions for all types of mask


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Ulma Packaging, mask packing machine, Ulma Packaging machine

Our experience in medical and pharmaceutical products allows us to offer packaging solutions (flow wrapper) that guarantee the highest performance and adapt to masks of different shapes and with various fastenings.

Prior to 2020, surgical masks were part of the work uniform of doctors, surgeons and healthcare personnel, but the measures taken to protect against the coronavirus have made them an essential product. The United Nations, which last year distributed more than 210 million units worldwide, calculates that the business generated by this product came to 240 million euros in 2020.

The pandemic has caused demand for this product to reach unprecedented levels, and here at ULMA, we responded by expanding our range of Medical and Pharmaceutical services with packaging solutions that meet the highest sector standards and guarantee the reliability and safety of the final product.

Machines and automation projects for all types of mask

ULMA’s packaging machines make it possible to combine different materials and customise the final packaging to adapt it to the characteristics and specifications of any type of mask, regardless of its shape and size, or the type of fastening it uses.

We also have a wide range of technology solutions, which allows us to design automation projects. In this case, the masks are taken off the production line and ULMA groups them and feed them into the packaging machine, either individually or as a group.

Our machines can be used to package in individual format and in groups, and they are able to package the safest masks against Covid-19: surgical and FFP2 masks. Epidemiologists calculate that they offer between 94% and 95% protection against the virus, which has led countries such as France and Germany to prohibit the use of fabric or home-made masks and make this type of mask mandatory in certain public areas, a decision that has had an immediate impact on sales figures.

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